Located at the address 221 NW 54th Street , Oakland Park, Florida- USA acting on the market since December 2002. 
We work with all models of copiers, multi-functional printers, duplicators, plotter, and engineering machinery. We
specialize in spare parts for all models of copy machines and supplies: original and compatible as toner,
drum, fusion, cleaning blades, etc.

We have a partnership when it comes to repair several boards such as the motherboard, force plate, and connection plate.  Inform us with the necessary board code specify the defect that let you 4 pricing options.

1 - Repair 1 year warranty
2 - Buy the base plate exchange re-manufactured 1 year warranty
3 - Purchase card already re-manufactured I year warranty
4 - New Board

We are also active in the equipment industry and supplies products for medical, veterinary, dental care, as well as
boat parts and accessories, car, plane, motorcycle, electrical and electronic products in general such as projectors,
digital cameras, games, smartphone, and others.

If you have any other products that for some reason have difficulty being found in the Brazilian market , make us a

If necessary we can provide you with trade references of any Brazilian state.

Xerographic copies and blueprints
Machines for copying documents
Office materials in general
Auto parts and accessories
Navigation , equip. parts and accessories
Veterinary products
Article for medicine
Electrical and electronic equipment
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